I’m Sheena and I love making clothes, pillows, tote bags and just about anything else that can be sewn!

I first learned to sew when I was a little girl.  I grew up as a Christian in Pakistan.  And as most Christians are in Pakistan, my family was very poor.  But I always had an eye for fashion and if I wanted anything more fashionable than what we could afford to buy in the stores, I had to make it myself.  That’s what motivated me to learn to sew and make clothes.  And I became quiet expert in copying whatever I saw.  (Today I can make a dress just by looking at a picture of it.  I don’t even need a pattern)!

When I arrived in America in 2014, I was so excited by all the new Western fashions I was seeing for the first time that it renewed my love for fashion.  I was really starting to miss my non-electric, hand-powered sewing machine that I had left behind in Pakistan.  I wanted to begin making things so badly.  A few months later though, a wonderful friend gave me one of the best gifts I’ve ever received… a brand new industrial-strength Juki sewing machine!  And it was electric!  Wow!  Suddenly I had all the tools I needed to begin my tailoring and alterations business.

Since then, my little business has grown and grown!  I have worked with a wide variety of clients, including the famous Mirpuri Bespoke tailors in London and The Real Real in New York.

From my experience with The Real Real, I have become expert in repairing ultra high-end couture clothing.  Anything from Chanel to Valentino and Christian Dior to Prada, Alexander Mcqueen,  Versace, Oscar de la Renta, Gucci, Marc Jacobs,  Balmain, Fendi, Celine, Choe, Givenchy.