Terms & Conditions

Magic Alteration’s mission is to provide the highest quality alterations work on a wide variety of clothing.  We care about each and every one of our clients.  We understand your clothes can be expensive and you are putting your trust in us to take care of your them. We take this trust you place in us extremely seriously.  Unfortunately in the alterations business, damages and/or lost items may occur infrequently, despite our best efforts.

We exercise the utmost care in processing articles entrusted to us and use such processes that, in our opinion, are best suited to the nature and condition of each individual article. We take precautions to ensure that your clothes are handled and taken care of properly.

Nevertheless, we cannot assume responsibility for inherent weakness of or defects in materials and fabrics that were not readily apparent or reported by you prior to processing. Ultimately, it is the client’s  responsibility to inform us of any conditions that may affect the alterations process, that are not readily apparent upon a visual inspection of the article.  Our liability with respect to any damaged or lost article shall not exceed 5 times our charge for processing the article.

When you receive your articles from us, you must verify at that time that there are no missing items.  If anything is missing, you must notify us at the moment you receive the articles from us.  If you are reporting a missing item, unless a list accompanied your bundle our count must be accepted.

In the unlikely event that your clothes are damaged please call us at (646) 470-3237, with a detailed description of damages.  We may ask you to send photos.  You must inform us within 48 hours of receiving any damaged items.  Our goal is to always fix the problem first and if we can’t, then the refund process will start.